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Just to amend my first critique, this is what I was referring to. I could see in the distance some neon signs and I knew there might be something there. If I might humbly make a suggestion; there are stories all over this picture and the one I feel that's trying to jump out is what goes on in the East Avenue Commons? Obviously from the street you can't really show that, but you can help the viewers imagination wander. For me the most beautiful part of this picture is the windows above the neon sign. My eyes are drawn to the neon, and the to the windows which makes me think about how people live in those buildings, and then I can start to relate to the scene. The signs on the sidewalk and the cars detract from what's going on right there. If it's the bricks you love then get up close to the bricks. Capture something awesome about the bricks or the railing or the pine trees in the planters. Help people's eyes go where yours went. It is a very nice part of this town and there's some special features of this small area you've shot that give it it's personality.
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